A country without statues is not much of a country

Before he passed away, my father and I had long chats about a lot of things.  He didn't have a lot of energy, but he did say a lot of great things.

My dad would often watch Fox News, and we'd chat about the news segment.  On one occasion, we spoke about taking down statues.  He said statues are like family photos – a reminder of where you came from.  You can't delete them any more than you can erase that family member you are not proud of.  My dad warned me that this movement will eventually divide the country into factions.

And yes, my father was right.  We need to be cautious about erasing the past.

The latest news on this front is about Native Americans and the town of Arcata, California, as we see in this Los Angeles Times report:

No other city has taken down a monument to a president for his misdeeds. 

But Arcata is poised to do just that. 

The target is an 8½-foot bronze likeness of William McKinley, who was president at the turn of the last century and stands accused of directing the slaughter of Native peoples in the U.S. and abroad.

"Put a rope around its neck and pull it down," Chris Peters shouted at a recent rally held at the statue, which has adorned the central square for more than a century.

Lynch McKinley?  All I can say is wow, and who is next?

There are two problems here with this movement – historical ignorance and a lack of parental guidance!

First, these people do not love their country.  So what country do they love?  As I recall, Geronimo did not allow dissent or an opposition party.  They present a false view of the past, or "white man is bad" and "everybody else is a victim."

Second, the Democratic Party is so corrupt at the core that it won't stand up to these clowns.  The "statue" movement is desperately in need of a real liberal who stands up and says "enough."

Wonder when we take down President Truman because he bombed Hiroshima...

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