David Hogg called 'nasty and VILE' by classmate whose sister died in Parkland massacre

When you purport to represent a lot of classmates and are using that representation as a national platform, you've got trouble when one of them starts calling you "nasty and VILE."

That's the latest news on gun-control activist and grandstander David Hogg, whose classmates don't have the same high opinion of him that he does. Patrick Petty, a classmate of Hogg's whose sister Alaina actually died in the Parkland massacre, told Hogg on Twitter that he was "nasty and VILE" apparently in response to Hogg's effort to change his cause from gun control to media control, as he continues in his campaign to shut down the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News.



(Petty's entire Twitter feed is actually pretty interesting, well beyond Hogg.)

Here's the full exchange which Twitchy chronicled and then made this comment on:

David Hogg didn’t make a ton of friends yesterday after he tried to silence Laura Ingraham for quoting his words about colleges not accepting him and then turning her away when she apologized to him.

Fine, if you think Laura went too far with her mockery that’s one thing, but for David to all but spit in her face when she apologized was quite another. And far worse.

Oh, and then the endless virtue signaling …

This isn't the first classmate who has called Hogg out. Another classmate (is this getting like reality TV to you?) named Kyle Kashuv has also had some hard things to say about Hogg:


Apparently, Kashuv wanted to debate Hogg about gun control and Hogg refused to do it.

The Daily Caller has a whole lot more here.

Then there was the case of Hunter Pollack, another Parkland massacre survivor, whose sister Meadow was murdered in the killing spree - he was denied a speaking slot and shut out at the March for our Lives, because his views weren't deemed worthy of the big-dollar leftwing organizers who put the event on, despite being far closer to the horror that happened, than either Hogg or his sidekick, Emma Gonzalez. both of whom got prime speaking slots. Kashuv was denied, too.

Hogg, by the way, rather disingenuously said that black voices were excluded from coverage of the march, not quite making the connection to the fact that as he spoke, and spoke, and spoke, and spoke, to the press, he was kind of the one crowding out the black voices, given that news time is finite. File under 'unclear on the concept.'

What we have here is a guy who purports to represent students, and who's using that supposed representation to advance his own gun-control, and now media-control agenda. He's already made it clear that he intends to keep hammering on the media-control issue, taking his battle not only beyond gun control, but way beyond the moral authority he first stood up on, which was the sentiment of his classmates. Apparently, he represents no one but his 17-year-old self, as his classmates make it clear his views don't match theirs. His virtue-signaling has worn thin, given that the classmates he's crossing are the ones who suffered the most in the Parkland massacre. He's not even paying lip service to compassion attention to them, as Petty noted. This isn't a pretty picture.


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