But Mueller is an honorable man!

Jeez, I wish American politics would stop imitating William Shakespeare already.  Now we have Robert Mueller acting like a Roman assassin, and I just heard Victor Davis Hanson on YouTube say, "Mueller is an honorable man."

Hanson knows where that phrase comes from.  It's from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, all about the assassination of Caesar by Brutus and the other conspirators in the Roman Forum.

Shakespeare lived in and around the Court of Queen Elizabeth, where traitors were routinely sent to the Tower of London to be executed.  Some of the traitors were real, some victims of paranoid court politics.  The queen and her counselors made up their minds about Walter Raleigh, for one, and decided he had to die.  The survival of the monarch was all-important, and killing the wrong guy was just too bad.

Today, the United States is seeing its first real coup d'état, plotted by Hillary and the Democrats along with the top swampies.  While half the country believes that Donald Trump conspired with Vladimir Putin to steal the last election, the sane half keeps watching this lynch mob behavior.  The long knives have been out for POTUS Trump for the last 18 months or longer.  This is unprecedented in U.S. history, with the exception of the Civil War after Lincoln's election caused the South to secede.  More than half a million people died then, and today, the tinfoil hat brigade is led by the Big Media (which are mostly owned by foreign billionaires like Carlos Slim).

Hillary is refusing to accept the election results because she is a radical leftist who never believed in the Constitution.  When she briefly served on the Senate Watergate Committee staff, she demanded that Richard Nixon be deprived of his constitutional rights.  They fired her from that job, but the Democrats went lefter and lefter until now, Hillary got endorsed by the CPUSA and never said a word.

So this is not the America you thought you know.  There is a reason why Julius Caesar is being replayed in D.C., and it has to do with the return of leftist totalitarianism in America.  Our people are not that way, but the Democrats are.  Obama said it in so many words: the Constitution is out of date, and the control freaks in D.C. want more absolute power.  Obama violated the U.S. Constitution left, right, and center, and the swamp went along with him.  We are seeing totalitarian politics in D.C., or, if you want to be optimistic, we are seeing an enormous split between left totalitarians in the Democratic party and what constitutionalists we have left.  That's how important this is. 

This is not high school English anymore.  It's real.  Shakespeare placed the events in Rome two millennia ago, but he was thinking about Elizabeth's court, where the usual human dynastic insanity was playing out.  The U.S. Constitution was carefully written to avoid totalitarian madness – which the Founders understood.

Right after the assassination of Caesar, Brutus and the other conspirators get out of town, fast.  Mark Antony gives the funeral speech, and the crowd members are reminded how much they owe Caesar.  Just as in Elizabeth's court, nobody really knows who is a conspirator.  Everybody is paranoid, people are accusing each other, and death is hovering in the air.  The crowd is scared and paranoid and turns into a lynch mob after Antony gives the funeral speech.  The people have decided that Brutus is the bad guy.

Antony keeps repeating, "But Brutus is an honorable man!"  The more he repeats it, the more the crowd turns against Brutus, until the whole paranoid mess turns into civil war.  Shakespeare read his histories, and he also saw it happen in real life.

That's where we are today.  We keep hearing that "Mueller is an honorable man."  Rudy Giuliani said it the other day.  But count me as a skeptic.  Mueller may have been honest at some point, but I don't think he's honest anymore.

There are many telltale signs.

If Mueller is an honorable man, why would he pick one hundred percent Hillary lawyers for his posse?  Why would he leak highly secret information to the media, as he obviously keeps doing?

If Mueller is an honorable man, why would he be totally deaf and dumb about decades of Hillary and Bill history of bribery and corruption?  Why would he carefully step around Obama and Hillary's Uranium One deal?  Then there is the "surreal" Hillary email scandal; which implicates the Clintons; the Obama State Department; probably the White House; the DOJ; and the Three Stooges: Comey, Clapper, and Brennan.

And why did Mueller, as head of the FBI, agree to indoctrinate new FBI agents in Muslim Brotherhood ideology?

But Mueller is an honorable man.

Or... maybe not?

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