An American POTUS is being persecuted

We are in the second year of the Trump presidency, and things are going amazingly well with the administration – such as the Saudi recognition of Israel this week, an amazing breakthrough after sixty years of war.  Trump must get his share of the credit. 

But – I keep realizing that for the first time in American history, with the possible exception of Watergate, a duly elected American POTUS is being persecuted by an official witch-hunter, appointed by the DoJ along with sixteen ranting Democrat partisans still in the bag for Hillary.  We know that Mueller comes up with one flimsy excuse after another, hoping the Democrats will return to power in Congress in November of 2018.  This witch hunt is completely corrupt and politicized, and Mueller has known this all along.  Mueller is protecting the anti-American sabotage of the Obama years, including the Uranium One scandal.  Mueller is in the bag for the Democrats, and half the country knows it.  What this will do to respect for constitutional law cannot be good. 

We know damned well that Obama's DoJ was radicalized by Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Eric Holder, and that Obama encouraged jihad infiltration into the highest levels of the U.S. government.  We even know that Obama's Chicago friends met with a self-declared jihad head of state in 2013, Hassan Rouhani, and that Louis Farrakhan played a prominent role in that private meeting. 

There's no way Obama and Jarrett did not know about the Rouhani-Farrakhan meeting. 

I keep having the stunned realization that the left is outright trying to hunt down a duly elected POTUS, in open rebellion against constitutional government; that we know that this is a coup d'état plot at the very top of the Obama FBI, CIA, and White House; and that the media no longer seem to recognize the legal authority of a duly elected chief executive of the United States. 

We also know that the media have been filled with murderous hatred for the U.S. Constitution and the American people. 

We are clearly seeing sedition against the United States. 

The last time this happened was when Abe Lincoln got elected as the first Republican, and the Democrats – the party of slavery and armed rebellion –  started a war that killed 800,000 Americans.  The same party is now repeating history, because it hates you and me.  Democrats have hardly made it a secret. 

Let me just repeat the bottom line.

A legally elected American POTUS is being hounded and persecuted, under color of law, but in plain and open violation of the U.S. Constitution.  The rules for this vicious witch hunt are judge-made or bureaucracy-made and completely arbitrary.  These rules have no constitutional standing, and if we had a Supreme Court worthy of the name, its justices would say so. 

This is not normal.  This is not American, and it certainly is in profound violation of constitutional government. 

Forget Donald Trump, the human being, for a second.  If Mueller and the black-hat posse succeed, they will have destroyed constitutional government for many years to come.  Perhaps forever.