The media have themselves to blame

"Fake news" is killing the media's credibility.  According to a Monmouth poll:

Large majorities of the American public believe that traditional media outlets engage in reporting fake news and that outside sources are actively trying to plant fake stories in the mainstream media. 

When it comes to the meaning of "fake news," a majority believe that it involves editorial decisions as well as inaccurate reporting. 

This is terrible news for the news media services.

Frankly, the media can only blame themselves, for three reasons:

First, they gave President Obama a free pass and never challenged a thing he said or did.  After all, what other president would have gotten away with saying he learned about Fast & Furious reading the morning newspaper?  What about all the Obamacare promises?

Second, the growing dependence on "leaks" has made a lot of front-page stories worthless.  Does anyone, other than people obsessed with hating Trump, believe any of these stories anymore?  Just ask Brian Ross! 

Third, the attacks on President Trump have backfired.  Just check CNN's ratings over the last year.  Yesterday, Jim Acosta of CNN made a total partisan fool out of himself by yelling questions at the president during the egg hunt party at the White House.

Maybe news directors need to call a few urgent staff meetings.  It's time for reporters and news people to do a little soul-searching.

Unfortunately for the media's credibility, too many of us think the media have an agenda rather than an honest desire to report the news!

Again, they did it to themselves.

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