Why the left can't win on gun control

David French, the one-time hope of the NeverTrump faction, has summed up the reasons why the left cannot win in its anti-Second Amendment crusade.  Owing to his status as an enemy of Trump, French has access to prominent organs of the left.  In National Review, he explains how he is trying to persuade the left to give up its gun-grabbing dreams (and presumably become more effective in their opposition to Trump): Last week I wrote a long essay in The Atlantic that represented my best effort to explain "gun culture" to those who may be more hostile to gun rights than, say, the typical reader of National Review.  I began by describing threats to my family and how a person's decision to carry a weapon is often directly tied to personal experience of real danger.  Today, my friend Bethany Mandel published a similar essay in the New York Times, describing how her mother...(Read Full Post)