Was Obama's foreign policy brilliant or a disaster?

Weighing the successes and failures of a president's foreign policy is standard operating procedure in the world of punditry.  Experts have been thus weighing in on Barack Obama's foreign policy.  The problem with this game of political tennis is that, except for the rarest exceptions, the experts are actually team players.  They are invested in their team's success and often paid by their team, directly or indirectly.  Must we rely on them, or can we decide for ourselves?  Do we have no other choice than to be a fan of one side or the other?  And if not, on what can we rely to make judgments of this kind?  Our common sense, of course. Angelo Codevilla is one of those rare exceptions, a real expert who combines scholarship, experience, and common sense to tell it like it is.  When Professor Codevilla lays it down, it stays down.  He wrote this not long after 9/11: Common...(Read Full Post)