McCabe's firing begins the war on the Deep State

We can expect liberaldom to come unglued following the firing of Andrew McCabe, erstwhile second in command at the FBI, just 24 hours before his lucrative government pension kicked in. McCabe had made "unauthorized disclosures to the news media" (leaked confidential information) and "lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions" (lied to the FBI).  For the latter alone, he could have been bankrupted, as Bob Mueller bankrupted Mike Flynn. No sympathy for you in these precincts, McCabe.  You're a bad apple who shielded other bad apples (Strzok and Page, inter alia).  Many will be pleased when all those others follow you into shame, humiliation, and joblessness without pension.  It's exactly what you deserve.  May you also go to prison, something else richly deserved. With the McCabe firing, the Trump administration declares war on the lawless Deep State.  One just...(Read Full Post)