They had something called an 'election' on Raul's island

Down in Cuba, the regime ran into a little problem when they held an election, i.e. voter apathy. According to news reports, Cubans stayed home:     U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., continued his fire on the Castro regime as the process of selecting a new leader for Cuba continues.  Only 17.1 percent of Cuban voters took part in the most recent election held over the past weekend and Curbelo applauded voters who stayed home.  “The Cuban dictatorship held another empty voting exercise last weekend where only Castro cronies were permitted to appear on the ballot,” Curbelo said on Wednesday. “A record number of Cubans made the best choice of all, which was to abstain from participating in this demeaning charade. Others refused to obey the state-run media's instructions to check the ‘all candidates’ box. The real winners were the Cuba Decide activists led by Rosa María Payá, who courageously...(Read Full Post)