They brought a book to a gunfight

Another school shooting, this time at Great Mills High School in Maryland.  But this attack was cut short: two wounded students, one dead shooter.  A far cry from the Parkland tragedy, with 17 killed, 14 wounded.  The difference?  Someone shot back.  After the Parkland shooting, the government-media cabal launched a blitzkrieg on the 2nd Amendment.  Their mission: to make  guns unacceptable, to paint those who defend guns and the National Rifle Association (NRA) as the enemy.  But the NRA had no role in any shooting.  The NRA doesn't get calls on dangerous persons, isn't given tips, doesn't see the warning flags.  People don't call the NRA to protect them; they call the police.  And so they did in Parkland.  The Broward County Sheriff's Office got over 40 calls on Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter.  None resulted in a written...(Read Full Post)