The best little Democratic Party bum fight in Texas

So much for a great blue wave about to sweep the country this November.  So much for turning Texas blue, as Soros front groups have been talking up.

It's not just that Republicans are falling all over themselves to persuade voters who's the most pro-Trump.  Get a load of just one of the Democrats' House primaries in the special election happening tomorrow, from CNN:

A crowded Democratic House primary in the Houston area has become a stand-in for the broader battle within the party between progressives who backed Bernie Sanders and members of the establishment.

The controversy erupted more than a week ago, when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party's political arm for House races, unleashed a scathing attack against journalist and activist Laura Moser, one of seven candidates in the Texas 7th District Democratic primary to take on Republican Rep. John Culberson this fall. 

Now, with two days left before the Texas primary on Tuesday, the infighting has opened wounds within the Democratic Party that never quite healed after the 2016 election, when Sanders supporters accused the Democratic National Committee of tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton.

And the fighting could go on past Tuesday[.]

So it's still 2016 with these guys.  They've yet to move on, or, as the case may be.  The Bernie faction, which is basically the socialist faction, remains bitter about the Democratic National Committee's conniving against him to nominate Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party presidential ticket in 2016.  And the Hillaryites remain contemptuous as ever of the Bernie-ites (I'm not going to use the term "progressive" because both sides, starting with Hillary herself, claim that stanky title) and favor a more low-key party line, probably premised more on shoveling pork than openly promoting an ideologically socialist agenda.

The sore issue seems to be that a Bernie-ite socialist activist "journalist," who's in the running, wrote a piece for an elite Beltway magazine about detesting Paris, Texas, prompting a brouhaha among the other Democrats, who read that for the blue elitism it is.

The Bernie-ites, in return, whine that the establishment is still conniving against them.

So I guess what we have here is an argument about who's the least elitist among this minority party that would now be our rulers.  They're still fighting like chickens for berths in a too small henhouse with this recrudescent Hillary-Bernie dustup.  They should have gotten this argument with over two years ago, but the fighting is just too important for them.  Neither side is budging, and the refusal of either side to come together and end the bickering is sure to cost them as Republicans walk off with the prize again.

Democrats have been winning Republican seats lately, based on keeping their heads low and pretending to be almost Republicans.  The Bernie-ites are working to ensure that that approach won't happen with this Texas seat.

This bum fight is going to be fun to watch, given its pointlessness for Democrats and its high decibel level.  Here's a suggestion for them: maybe if they'd give up their socialist ideas and quit bickering, they'd have better luck.  Meanwhile, keep fighting, losers.

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