Mark Levin's new Fox News show raises the bar with Rep. Nunes interview

Mark Levin hit a home run with the bases loaded in the second outing of his new Fox News program on Sunday, March 4.  His guest for the full hour on Life, Liberty & Levin was Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.  Starting with their investigation into alleged collusion between the Russians and the Donald Trump campaign, transition, and presidency, Nunes and his committee have developed information that reveals the exact opposite of what had been alleged.  Instead of Trump-Russia collusion, the evidence points to an insidious plot to employ the full power and authority at the highest levels of the previous administration of Barack Obama to illegally surveil Donald Trump's campaign and advisers for the purpose of making a false criminal case to the secret FISA court in order to plant the seeds for the destruction of the 45th president's administration.

Levin is an attorney with significant expertise in constitutional issues.  He is one of the country's leading radio talk show hosts.  He is also a bestselling author of nonfiction political books and the host of a nightly program LevinTV on the CRTV subscription channel.  In the 1980s, Levin was a top aide to Attorney General Ed Meese.

Rep. Devin Nunes on Life, Liberty & Levin, March 4, 2018.


Levin approached his interview with Nunes as if he were building the factual basis in a legal case and interviewing the most knowledgeable friendly witness.  He referred – chronologically – to the record of articles published in the mainstream media starting in October 2016 based on illegal leaks from the Obama administration, the purpose of which appeared to be the take down of the Trump presidency.

Levin's Q&A with Nunes, who was encountering Levin in person for the first time, could not have been more compelling.  In fact, the hour presented the alarming facts of this complex evolving story in a manner that was both informative and shocking.  In this writer's opinion, it was perhaps the best concise summary of the controversy to date, presented in a way that could be easily followed, understood, and absorbed.

Fox News has not yet made a transcript of the program available.  The network appears unlikely to do so, since a transcript of the first episode of Levin's premiere show on February 25 has not been forthcoming.  So far, Fox News has posted a 14-minute video clip from the Levin-Nunes episode.  Several third parties have uploaded the full hour, commercial-free, to YouTube, including here.  How long these unofficial videos will remain online is anyone's guess.  Five hours after the program first aired, a search of Google News shows that nothing has (yet) been written in the media about this news-breaking episode of Life, Liberty & Levin.

Mark Levin and Rep. Devin Nunes on Levin's Fox News program, March 4, 2018.

The entire program is essential viewing.  Here are a few excerpts, as transcribed by the author:

Mark Levin: As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, did the Obama administration spy on the Trump campaign?

Rep. Devin Nunes: I think it's pretty clear, and average Americans understand, that that happened.

Levin: My argument to you, sir, is that this goes right to the top.  The president [Obama] may not know all of the particulars, but he had to know a hell of a lot from the public record and from his own people.  What do you say?

Nunes: Well, it's hard to believe that she [national security adviser and top Obama confidante Susan Rice] didn't know that.  The letter that she writes to herself on January 20th[, 2017], hours before the Trump administration comes into power, it doesn't make any sense other than to say it must have been some type of way to justify whatever actions were taken or [to] cover something up.

Levin asked Nunes about the difficulty his committee has encountered during the past year in getting information from the courts and the executive branch.

Nunes: This has been the challenge historically for the Congress.  Once they create something [not in the Constitution, like the courts and the FBI], it's hard to oversee it, it's hard to shut it down, it's hard to control it.  What our committee has done, for the first time in a long time – with the help of all of our members, on the Republican side at least – who want to get to the bottom, to get to the truth.  This is the first time in a long time when you've seen Congress really use our authority and use our power to go all the way to the courts to get information to try to rein in out-of-control bureaucracies.  It should alarm people what it has taken for us to get to the bottom of this fiasco that's occurred. ...

Nunes: The media in this country is dead.  It no longer exists, and the American people need to understand this.  I don't know where it's going to all end – if it's dead forever – but 90% of the media is far-left-wing, and they are totally reliant on getting clicks and playing to their base and to their owners to support what their owners want.

Levin: We have what I call a Praetorian Guard media – they're going to protect the Obama administration no matter what that administration did or does.  If the shoe were on the other foot –  if this were a Republican administration that did this to a Democratic candidate – it would be the greatest scandal in American history.

It is apparent that Life, Liberty & Levin, which airs Sundays on Fox News at 10 P.M./E.T. and P.T., will be appointment viewing from now on, especially when Levin's guest is a potential news-maker like Devin Nunes.

Peter Barry Chowka is a veteran reporter and analyst of news on national politics, media, and popular culture.  He is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  Follow Peter on Twitter at @pchowka.

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