On 60 Minutes, Stormy Daniels blew her credibility

It's said a good scandal is one a casual bystander on the street can describe in one sentence. Well, we aren't seeing anything like this with the media-pumped Stormy Daniels scandal.  Following her much advertised and much watched 60 Minutes interview, all one can ask is, what the heck was this really about? Anderson Cooper interviewed the porn "star," who took $130,000 in hush money from Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, to conceal a one-night stand the pair had in a hotel several years ago.  OK, it looks as if the hush money didn't work – we all know about the affair.  Big deal.  What's more, we weren't offered much in titillating sexual details in the 60 Minutes interview, which is what a sizable percentage of viewers were looking for.  Cooper seemed most interested in whether a condom was used in the sexual encounter, which kind of gives a whiff as to how exciting this...(Read Full Post)