Nancy Pelosi smacked down for calling ICE agents 'cowardly'

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has always lived on a different planet.  What's more, she's always pandering, and she will pander to anyone.  So it was natural that she pandered in surreal terms to her favorite pet group, the DREAMers and their illegal parents and coevals, labeling the U.S. lawmen tasked with looking for criminal aliens among them as "terrorizing" their communities and calling their legitimate law enforcement actions "cowardly attacks."

Cowardly attacks?  Scooping up the worst of the worst among illegals – the cartel members, the killers, the kidnappers, the child-molesters, the drunk drivers – and that's somehow a task that takes cowardice?  Seriously, cartel members?  What an insult.  And this from a person who wants her party to run these agencies?

Fortunately, she got an impressive smack-down on Fox News from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director, Thomas D. Homan, a big, beefy tough guy, who knows the score and communicates it well.  Homan told Fox News's Stuart Varney:

Well not only did she say ICE was cowardly, she said ICE was terrorizing immigrant communities. First of all, you're talking about law enforcement officers, these are men and women who put their lives on the line for this country every day.  They strap a gun to their hip and leave the safety and security of their homes to defend this nation.  How dare you call them 'cowardly'?  And to say that we're terrorizing immigrant communities?  The people we arrest at these California operations?  Lewd and lascivious acts with a juvenile?  Assault with a deadly weapon?  Murder?  These people were terrorizing immigrant communities.  ICE went in there and removed these people from the communities.  That's far from terrorizing.  We're protecting people; we're protecting the American public.

Homan's smack-down called attention to the fact that Pelosi considers being an illegal alien a marker for absolute virtue, and any action to remove an illegal from the U.S., no matter what he has done, is somehow a bigger crime than whatever crime the illegal has committed.

...even though she'd be the first to insist that illegals don't commit crimes.  Apparently, she really believes it and thinks getting sent back to Mexico is a human rights violation.

Seriously, this woman could become again the next speaker of the House if things don't go well for Republicans come November?  These aren't going to be good times if this is the logic employed by the standard-bearer of the left, whose ambition is to have her party run the government.

And it signals that fighting back, such as what Homan employed, is more necessary than ever if Republicans want to enact their agenda.  Many people pointed to President Trump's willingness to fight as a reason for voting for him during the campaign.  What we see now is the need to fight back even harder in the post-election, given the lunacy of Pelosi and her leftist allies (check out what Homan has to say about the San Francisco Democrats running the sheriff's office there).  Homan's appeal to sanity is the right way to handle this, and his example should be noted by all those who favor rule of law at the border.

Let this guy in front of the cameras, often, to administer more smack-downs to Pelosi's lunacy and all the lunacy of the left.

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