Transvestites, drag queens, court eunuchs: Nancy Pelosi will pander to anyone

Is there anyone too crazy for Nancy Pelosi not to pander to?

Apparently not.  Already we know she panders to people who utterly hate her, as her recent drama with the DREAMers demonstrated.  She's also tried to pander to Latinos specifically, based on race, by saying her grandson wished he had their brown skin and brown eyes.  Now she's pandering to people who are laughing at her.

Appearing at an oh, so ironic drag queen television derby, run by a professional drag queen whose stage name is RuPaul, the House minority leader from San Francisco pandered away with fake, phony flattery – court eunuch stuff so cheesy that it wouldn't impress even them.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, citing the Hollywood Reporter:

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about her appearance on the show Thursday night, Pelosi said, "This idea of people believing in themselves, being themselves, taking pride in themselves, is not just a lesson for politicians but for everyone in the country.  And that's why I was so excited and couldn't resist being on the show.

Believing in themselves?  No, actually, they're men, Nancy, men, who'd like you to believe they're women.  Who'd like you to believe they can "out-woman" women. It's a competition thing, and, well, men are competitive.  What it's not is an example of expressing one's true identity.  Their aim is to fool you – and then laugh about it later, which is the whole point of being a drag queen: enjoying all the "irony."

It goes to show how far gone Pelosi is in her willingness to pander to any fringe group, no matter how self-marginalized, no matter how mentally ill.  It's San Francisco politics, of course, but just the fact that Pelosi wants to pander to them suggests she's hard up for support and probably looking for it any place she can.  Drag queens, or transvestites, along with transsexuals, have been in fashion these days in the Hollywood culture, and Pelosi is obviously sucking up to them to be on the cutting edge and popular with the right people.

But don't think they aren't laughing at her for doing it, too.  Pelosi has been a drag-queen manque for quite a few years now in that set, the same way Cher; Bette Midler; Julie Newmar; and the memory of Jean Harlowe, Mae West, and Marlene Dietrich and other Hollywood women have been popular in that set.  She's an object of parody to them.  That she is kissing and sucking up to and seeking the good opinion of these people and the left-wing hangers on who cheers them (contemptuously known as "fag hags" in some gay circles) is a sign of deep insecurity.  And like everything else she does, it's utterly pathetic.