Mass hysteria and the anti-gun marches

See also: David Hogg, demagogue Whip up fears, exploit panic, and assemble giant rallies where where mass hysteria powers a political movement to blame a chimera, and demand abrogation of existing rights: It's a classic recipe for demogoguery.  And the paradigmatic examples of demagogic politics in the modern era were the Nuremberg Rallies, held annually by the Nazi Party for a period of fifteen years in the 1920s and 1930s. The rallies were mass events, attended by hundreds of thousands.  Children – the Hitler Youth – were prominently featured, along with stagecraft and pageantry.  The purpose of the rallies was to whip the masses into an emotional fervor while Hitler denounced the Jews. It worked.  And something similar is happening in the recent spate of children's anti-gun marches, typified by the "March for Our Lives" just concluded in Washington, D.C. The probability of getting struck by lightning is...(Read Full Post)