Linda Sarsour and feminist hypocrisy

There is perhaps no group more harmful to the future success of women than the modern-day feminist.  With a total disregard for the truth and the well-being of women everywhere, feminists perpetuate a constant warlike atmosphere between the sexes, where white men are called abusers, rapists, and tormentors.

The feminist's leaders of the past wanted men to suffer, but they were not in favor of destroying America in the process.  But today, these misguided misfits have put their hate-filled blinders on and aligned themselves with Linda Sarsour, a Brooklyn-born Islamic activist who wants to see the demise of American values.  The partnership between feminists and Sarsour, who was made the co-chair of the 2017 Women's March, takes deceitfulness to levels so low that snakes can block out the sun.  Sarsour and feminists have white American men as a common enemy, and while feminists are using Sarsour to reach younger American women, Sarsour uses the feminist platform to help subjugate women and destroy American democracy.  Sarsour has successfully hoodwinked thousands of younger women by pretending to be on their side regarding radical feminist issues when in reality she continuously promotes the Islamic legal system known as sharia law in her speeches, knowing full well that sharia would strip American women of every advance they have achieved over the last hundred years.

Feminist hypocrisy is maddening to the moral mind.  The hatred feminists have toward men – as well as the country – has given space to Sarsour's distorted "peaceful" version of sharia, when in reality, under sharia, thousands of young girls suffer genital mutilation, have their testimony worth only half of that of a man, and suffer execution for having been raped.  And American women cheer this.  That is why today's feminists, like many leftists, cannot be reached on an intellectual level.  It is abundantly clear that today's feminists have crossed the line into areas that jeopardize their safety as well as the safety of the country.

Rick Hayes is a New York City-based freelance writer and photojournalist with over 25 years' experience in covering local and national politics.  Hayes has received awards for his work and has covered such political figures as President Donald Trump, former president Bill Clinton, and New York's Rudy Giuliani, to name only a few. 

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