McCabe gets fired for lying, and the press thinks the problem is Trump?

Andy McCabe lied and got fired before he got his generous pension.  Now Democrats, Republicans, and a huge majority of the media complained that he unfairly lost his pension.  And of course, one of the biggest problems with the media, including the Wall Street Journal, is that President Trump tweeted in celebration that it was a good day for FBI and democracy that such a powerful liar at the Justice Department got fired.  Shouldn't the WSJ instead go after all the people who wanted a perjurer (who is supposed to be honest) to keep his taxpayer-funded pension instead of complaining about Trump?

How can Trump ever let the facts speak for themselves while most of the media ignores the facts?

Here is what the WSJ wrote in its editorial, titled "The McCain March Madness":

Mr. Sessions acted on a recommendation by the FBI's own Office of Professional Responsibility, but Democrats and the media ignored that and called the firing part of Donald Trump's plot to undermine the FBI and steal American democracy.

All of which should have been cause for Mr. Trump to let the dismissal speak for itself, but the President is too self-involved for such restraint.  Instead he tweeted on Saturday, "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy."

It is a truly great day for America when bureaucrats and other powerful people finally are held to account for wrongdoing.  It is a very slow start.

Many people at the IRS, including Lois Lerner, should have been fired for violating people's constitutional rights, destroying documents, and lying about the whole thing.  Instead, she was getting bonuses and a huge pension.  Yet somehow the problem is Trump?

Many people at the Veterans Administration cooked the books about veterans on waiting lists.  People died, and few if any were punished.  Many got bonuses for "good" results, and the problem is Trump?  

Hillary Clinton and many others surrounding her continually violated security laws, destroyed documents, destroyed devices, and were protected by Obama and many at the FBI and Justice Department from prosecution, and the problem is that Trump celebrates when someone is held to account?

The FBI, the Justice Department and intelligence agencies knew that the Russian dossier was fake and funded by Trump's political opponents, yet they used it as a justification to target Trump and his aides with spying and investigations, and according to the WSJ and others, the problem is Trump complaining in tweets about the witch hunt?

The media, the Justice Department, and Democrats know there was never any indication of collusion or an actual crime in the first place, and yet they continually push the false narrative and investigation, and the problem is when Trump points that out?

Mueller is destroying many people's lives when there was no crime in the first place, and instead of the media worrying about those people, they worry about a perjurer at the FBI losing his pension.

Democratic senator Dick Durbin and others say it will be a constitutional crisis if Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The actual constitutional crisis has already occurred.  The Obama administration continually targeted political enemies, when Attorney General Eric Holder, CIA director John Brennan, national security adviser Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and others continually lied with no repercussions.  The Justice Department protected Hillary and her aides from prosecution while targeting Trump.  It is especially appalling to watch the media use the perjurer Brennan to go after Trump.

The WSJ, the rest of the media, and politicians from both parties should also send out tweets celebrating when powerful perjurers like McCabe are fired instead of mourning for him.

The WSJ has it completely backwards when it goes after Trump instead of the people supporting McCabe.  That is truly a shame.  They used to be pretty good.

It will be a great day when thousands of government officials who are protecting the swamp and their power instead of working for the American people are fired.

We should celebrate that we have a president who is intent on draining the swamp and giving the power, freedom, and purse back to the American people.  Before he came along, all we had was Obama and Hillary, who were solely devoted to expanding the power of the government.

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