Is there a 'blue wave' out there?

In a week, we've seen two polls that tell me that the "blue wave" may not be much of a wave at all.  I understand that this is March and the election is in November.  However, shouldn't we be seeing different numbers if a wave is forming out there? The Democratic edge in the new generic vote is 5, according to Fox.  The number is actually similar to the last four polls, which have it between 3 and 6.  I hear that you have to be over 10 to make it a wave.  We will wait for the next round of polls. A second NBC poll is rather interesting: 58 percent say gun ownership increases safety! The poll about gun ownership is rather amazing, given the one-sided, in-the-tank coverage from so much of the media.  In fact, I hope you weren't stuck in an airport Saturday and didn't have to watch CNN's wall-to-wall reports about "the kids" marching around the...(Read Full Post)