Has science found a way to prevent school shootings?

Having long been a critic of the political bias found in Scientific American, I must now give credit where credit is due.  Its recent commentary on school shootings offered specific and tested preventive measures, and to my surprise, they do not include repealing the Second Amendment. The commentary is titled "If You Want to Know How to Stop School Shootings, Ask the Secret Service."  Its concluding words are "The issue is whether authorities need more power to intervene once they have been made aware of a potential threat, or whether they just need to do a better job with the power they already have." The Secret Service provides the bodyguards who protect the president, among others.  It could not do its job simply by waiting for an assassination attempt.  It must assess the risk beforehand, and this includes establishing profiles of potential assassins.  Doing so, agents can prevent a killing...(Read Full Post)