Zero tolerance policies: the seedbed of school shootings

Since the Parkland, Florida school shooting, many commentators have laid blame on the diminished state of morality in today's society, and there can be no doubt as to the corrosive effect on people of depictions of violence, hyper-sexuality, and immorality in popular culture. But through the strident calls for more restrictive gun control laws and the wise recognition that it is evil we fight – not the tool evil employs – I believe we have been talking past the most obvious root of school shootings and violence in society overall. That root is the willingness of societies to police themselves by addressing individually those with the capacity to commit such acts, through the enforcement of societal norms, privately, by other members of the society. When was the last time you heard of someone getting a sound thrashing for being a jerk?  When this occurs today, an arrest and prosecution surely follow, although the behavior of the "victim"...(Read Full Post)