The Bezos Washington Post Pushes Amazon Prime

My local newspaper reprinted a Washington Post article in it on Sunday, and I have a question: Shouldn't Jeff Bezos and Amazon have to pay for what is essentially a positive advertisement for Amazon posing as a news article from the Washington Post that is reprinted throughout the country? It’s one thing for him to run it the paper he owns, but why should he get his ads pushed in my home town rag? The article is titled "Why you cannot quit Amazon Prime even if you should" “Prime is growing because we provide a better shopping experience than any other retailer online or offline: larger selection, faster delivery and lower prices,” an Amazon spokeswoman said. “And we are improving on each of these dimensions every year.”  By selling a product of his own company in the newspaper he owns, Jeff Bezos merely supplementing the Washington Post’s ongoing efforts to sell the Democratic Party and progressive policies...(Read Full Post)