Indict Hillary and Steele for Russian interference

On Friday, February 16, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted thirteen Russian nationals and several Russian companies for "interfering" with the 2016 election. Paragraph one of the indictment reads: The United States of America, through its departments and agencies, regulates the activities of foreign individuals and entities in and affecting the United States in order to prevent, disclose, and counteract improper foreign influence on U.S. elections and on the U.S. political system.  U.S. law bans foreign nationals from making certain expenditures or financial disbursements for the purpose of influencing federal elections.  U.S. law also bars agents of anyforeign entity from engaging in political activities within the United States without first registering with the Attorney General.  And U.S. law requires certain foreign nationals seeking entry to the United States to obtain a visa by providing truthful and accurate information to the...(Read Full Post)