Dreamers, Be Angry with Democrats

Dreamers have been lied to by the Democrats for years. Their parents were lied to about coming to America illegally and how safe they would be from deportation in spite of consistent power changes in American politics. Chuck Schumer and other Democratic politicians say if Dreamers are deported back to Mexico, then it will be the Republicans’ fault for sending them somewhere they have never known. However, that is not true. This entire DACA issue is the Democratic party’s fault. The Democrats encouraged illegal immigration with their policies. Los Angeles alone gave out $1.3 billion in two years to illegal immigrants. By doing this, they told Mexican citizens the trek across the desert was worth the risk. The Democrats of California gave free money and benefits to these people knowing there was a chance the Federal government could get involved and make life very difficult, but they did it anyway. Obama’s flagrant scoffing at the immigration laws...(Read Full Post)