Noisy days in Washington

Future historians may look back and call it "the noisy days of Trump."  I'd rather call it "the noisy days of Trump, when nobody paid attention to what was really going on." The news is all about Bannon and that new book coming out.  It apparently presents a bad image of President Trump. Frankly, who cares?  It sounds to me like another opportunistic author trying to cash in.  As the noise grows, we hear this about jobs:  Private[-]sector job creation surged in December as a strong holiday shopping season pushed companies to hire more workers, according to a report Thursday from ADP and Moody's Analytics. Companies hired 250,000 new workers to close out the year, well above Wall Street expectations of 190,000.  The month was the best for job creation since March and topped the 185,000 in November, a number that was revised lower by 5,000. "Jobs," as my late father used to tell me, is one...(Read Full Post)