Let's have an abortion 'sanctuary city'

We understand that the DOJ is headed for a showdown with some of our city governments. The issue is sanctuary cities or local government who have concluded that they don't have to play ball with the federal government. As expected, some leaders of these cities will "boycott" The White House over this issue. Insanity is not insane enough to describe these people! So it's time to support my friend George Rodriguez of San Antonio. He will presenting a resolution to the city government declaring the Alamo City as a sanctuary from Roe v Wade.    This is a bit of the resolution that he plans to propose:    We would like to propose that the city of San Antonio declare itself a "sanctuary city" for the unborn citizens who conceived without their consent and by no action or decision of their own…but who are under the threat of death because of an unjust law that is the result of judicial activism rather...(Read Full Post)