John Kerry's fear: His Nobel going to Trump

What could have motivated John Kerry to try undermining U.S. Mideast diplomacy by encouraging Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to reject the Trump administration's efforts at peacemaking and telling Abbas to "stay strong in his spirit and play for time... and not capitulate to Trump’s demands." 

The only motivation I can see is: envy. Mideast peace is what Mr. Kerry desperately tried, and where he most miserably failed.

So now a fear gnaws at him: what if Mr. Trump succeeds?

It would be a terrible blow to Kerry's self-esteem. It would mean that he is not as smart as President Trump. It would mean that he is not as good at negotiating as Trump. And -- Heaven forbid! -- it would mean that Trump, and not him, will get the Nobel that Kerry so badly craves -- and so obviously deserves!

So what to do to avert that terrible, intolerable, and inconceivable outcome?

Derail U.S. foreign policy by colluding with Mr. Abbas, and encouraging his intransigence!

Envy is a strong emotion. It can be destructive and self-destructive -- as we learn yet again from Kerry's willingness to encourage more violence, more terrorism, more murder -- so the horrible Donald Trump does not get a chance to take home Kerry's Nobel.