J Street jaywalks the delicate Iran line

That Soros-funded stealth hate-Israel group, J Street, marketing itself as a "pro-Israel, pro-peace" outfit when it is neither, has sent around another exasperating email advising us to put the kibosh on President Trump's efforts to decertify the Iran nuke deal.  This has been known as the JCPOA.  It comes up for recertification and renewed waivers for heavy sanctions against Iran periodically, giving the President sixty days to extend the sanctions waivers.

New to the bouillabaisse cooked up by the Sorosian acolytes of activism against most things pro-America and pro-Israel are the protests that have swept Iran.

The idea behind the so-called Iran "deal" architected by former President Obama and his anyone-but-the-U.S. mentality was that the billions airlifted in cash to Tehran were to have gone to food and other basics badly in arrears owing to the strong sanctions that had been in effect on Iran for years.

These are scarcely tiny teapot dustups, as they have shown up in dozens of Iranian cities – a reaction to high prices, food scarcity, and a lowered quality of life than promised when the deal that was not a deal was wrought by Obama and his servitors in the BHO cabinet.

The money went, instead, to support terror elsewhere in the Middle East.  To tunnels chunked out by anti-peace Palestinian Arabs.  To mischief wherever Hezb'allah could find a foothold.  To North Korea.  And on and on.  Not much if any went to the actual Iranian people.

"Doing nothing," as J Street is advising Donald Trump to do, is a nonstarter.  Doing nothing has been tried, and it resulted – surprise! – in deaths and grisly disfigurement of hundreds.  The current uprising, be it noted, has included some deaths, but they are in the double-digits and do not include wide-scale torture, and to hear tell, they are occasioning panic in the ranks of the mullah mediocrities ruling the restive Iranian moiety once so modern and upscale.

The J Street blast addresses me as "friend."  I don't recall having pizza and Budweiser with these intelligence-averse Sorosians.

I am not a friend of anyone sending this kind of nefarious and disinformational missive.

If they were honest, which clearly they are not, the people at J Street would acknowledge that Iran never signed the "deal," as well we all know.  It's a hanging chad, an unfinished symphony, an undigested McNegative.  The former Constitution-ignoring president wanted to think it a "done deal," per his megalomaniacal notions, so he gave away the store. 

We learned recently that he unconscionably made side deals with Hezb'allah to deal controlled substances that have greatly amplified the opioid epidemic – and deliberately loosed ancillary terroristic behaviors and subsidies of the mullahcracy, all in service of his presumptuous claim of a sour and costly so-called victory that indeed ensured no compliance.  We know too that the non-signed deal has already been demonstrated as ineffective and that Iranian enrichment of uranium and development of weaponizable nuclear arms has continued, not subject to meaningful controls or inspection, buried below ground, their subverting shields beyond our agencies' ability to monitor.

Like a sedated DPRK, Iran has not even observed the niceties of that non-signed deal.  The Iranians have flouted the restrictions with icy impunity, making a further mockery of the horse feathers concocted by an eager presidential intern apparently new to the ways of millennial Persian chicanery.

But, J Streeters chide us, we ought again do nada and let the Iranians sort it out by themselves as we emulate the 100% cowardly and unbroken failed record of our 44th resident of the august White House.

Why does J Street look to destroy this country?  We know the answer after decades of Nazi-sympathizer and empathy-manque George Soros's bankrolling every ugly faction the country can spit up.  It comes as no surprise when his groundings vouchsafe a new nauseating offensive against logic and common self-preservation.

People of good faith, which is to say those not among J Street's destructive ranks, acknowledge that Iran remains the godfather of terror.  The nuclearization of that fiercely disruptive mullahverse goes on apace.  The Iranians currently undermine true efforts toward peace throughout the world.

They are engineering destruction and continual mayhem, fueling discord, and promoting death and the activation of one of the least hopeful forces of community and peace.

Do not call "friend" those who rarely seek solutions.  Friends of J Street and their symps are enemies of the globe, enemies of the United States, enemies of Israel and of all peace-seeking peoples.