No sexual harassment allowed here...

All dressed up in black with no place to go but another congratulatory entertainment awards show offered by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  So we have the Golden Globes, with the men not yet accused of sexual harassment and the women not yet accusing anyone of sexual harassment bravely cheering each other for bravely confronting sexual harassment at both the ceremony and the pre-show arrivals Sunday night. 

Obviously, these lovely ladies in their political-statement black gowns could not be accused of wanting to be sexually harassed.  Not Catherine Zeta-Jones – no, no, not in the least.  Not Kate Hudson.  Certainly not Eva Longoria, nosirree.  And Halle Berry wouldn't dream of it.  Geena Davis?  Don't kid yourself.  Mariah Carey?  Out of the question.

Or something. 

Somewhere, former president Bill Clinton (D) laughed.  As did current president Donald J. Trump (R).