Hillary faces another inner circle defection: Et tu, Patti?

Now that there is no prospect of her ever gaining a political office useful for punishing her enemies, Hillary Clinton’s inner circle of advisors and aides are starting to understand that they free to speak their minds. An arrogant, presumptuous, and imperious individual inevitably steps on toes and angers those around her, personally and politically. So long as the Clinton Machine had access to the levers of power, they would remain silent through a combination of hope for future advantage and fear of retaliation. Donna Brazile was the first of her collaborators to speak her mind, and so far as anyone knows, has not suffered any potentially lethal injuries as a result. Her status as a well-liked figure able to get along with everyone – even political opponents of the Clintons – and her identity politics category of minority woman also provide cover. Now, a second member of the Hillary inner circle, also a minority woman, has joined the ranks of Dem insiders...(Read Full Post)