James Comey and the march of the 'small people'

With the news of Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's untimely exit, fired FBI Director James Comey has jumped in with a tweet defending the man against those who got rid of him:







Small people? Like little marching gnomes? Like the 'little people' of Leona Helmsley's imagination? Like those of us who obey laws?

Trying to "tear down" an institution he himself corrupted?

Here's what FBI corruption is, as Sharyl Attkisson just tweeted:






The list is far longer than that, but the flavor is clear.

What's vivid here is that Comey is back to his old arrogant, priggish, high-nosed, and slightly weird self. Retirement hasn't changed him a bit. Anyone questioning him or demanding accountability for the weaponization of the FBI into a leftwing partisan instrument redolent of the KGB or a security organ of some tinpot dictatorship in one of the world's s-holes, is "small people." Comey and his cronies, on the other hand, are "big people."

The swamp thing has spoken.

It's definitely the same attitude of the man who upon his firing - thought it couldn't possibly be true. He was once dubbed, after all, the "most powerful person in Washington" and apparently he believed it.

As I wrote here at the time:

Ultimately, he was about the arrogance of power. His minions leaked one swamp-thing claim after another against Trump, while his Democratc Party allies in Congress brayed that Trump was in bed with the Russians. He let Hillary Clinton off the hook on open-and-shut classified information mishandling, calculating that Clinton would be elected president and his best move would be to suck up to her. He made a lot of misstatements, not just the one that got him fired, but others, too. I was struck by his claim that he had never heard of Gazprom. Within weeks of that one, news came out that Comey's FBI was investigating Carter Page, a Trump ally -- who was afffiliated with Gazprom. Then he said that Hillary's aide forwarded hundreds of emails to her pervy husband Anthony Weiner's sex-obsessed account.

Would a president worth his salt want someone like this running the nation's most important law-enforcement agency? Could any president trust him? Hardly. Then it could only take a strong leader who could fire him. Trump showed that strength, even as Comey laughed in his face, extremely impressively.

Twitter has quite few catcalls with that one, here are some choice pickings, and by no means exhaustive:















and my favorite:






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