Why can't the GOP win the tax bill messaging game?

The Democrats are beating the Republicans, as usual, in the tax bill messaging game.  While the Republicans "fret" and "worry" about the alleged "unpopularity" of the tax cut bill, the Democrats "slam" the bill as the "ultimate fraud," a "boon to the wealthiest Americans," and a move "the GOP will regret."  Even the Republicans' own teammate says there's "going to be problems" if he doesn't get his way on the final bill.  And another Republican teammate says the House-Senate committee working out the final tax bill is "completely in la la land," publicizing his disagreement with members of the conference committee.  How's that for GOP messaging?  As the 29-member green eyeshade conference committee piles up the late-night pizza boxes while its members forge ahead on a bill that can make or break the Trump GOP, all the public hears is that the GOP...(Read Full Post)