Dear Democrats: Does Trump do anything that's not racist?

A good journalist should ask John Lewis and himself what policies of Trump make him a racist.  A bad journalist would just repeat over and over again the claim that Trump is a racist, no questions asked.  

People claim that Trump is anti-Muslim because he has severe vetting on six or seven Muslim countries.  Since there are around 50 majority-Muslim countries, how could that policy be anti-Muslim? 

They also claim that Trump is a racist because he wants to enforce our immigration laws that John Lewis and Congress wrote.  Enforcing laws of the land is certainly not racist. 

Every policy I have seen that Trump has proposed seems to involve transferring the power and money from the federal government back to the people, where it belongs.  Not once have I seen a policy that is not for all races, all religions, and both sexes.  So why is Trump called a racist? 

Contrast Trump's policies with John Lewis's and other Democrats', where they transfer power from the people to the government.  Democrats' policies essentially make more people dependent on government and encourage the breakup of the family.  That certainly does not help minorities, whom Lewis pretends to care about. 

Here are some things John Lewis doesn't protest, and I have to wonder why. 

Sanctuary cities.  Sanctuary cities essentially treat illegal aliens with kid gloves when it comes to obeying our laws.  John Lewis and other Democrats always talk about how blacks are treated too harshly and about equal treatment under the law, so why don't they mind the special treatment in sanctuary cities and states of non-citizens?  Would a black man with seven felonies who picked up a gun, shot it three times, and killed a person get off with a slap on the wrist the way Kate Steinle's killer did? 

Illegal immigration and open borders.  It certainly is harmful to inner cities and especially minorities to have illegal aliens, drugs, and gang members pouring in.  The more illegals who arrive, the more potential job opportunities that disappear, especially for those who want to start moving up. 

Planned Parenthood.  John Lewis and others always complain that blacks are imprisoned and blacks are killed at a much higher rate than their percentage of the population, but somehow they don't complain when Planned Parenthood aborts black babies at such a high percentage versus the population.  Why don't Civil Rights leaders complain, especially since the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, wanted eugenics to build a cleaner race?

All federal, state, and local laws that require photo IDs.  John Lewis and others continually protest that photo ID laws to vote suppress and oppress minorities and the poor, so why don't they protest all the other laws that require photo IDs, including to open bank accounts, get medical care, get prescriptions, drink, smoke, get some over-the-counter drugs, ride on planes and trains, and so many other things people need to do in order to live a normal life?

The other day, I had to show a valid photo ID to get an Amtrak ticket. 

The government at all levels frequently requires photo IDs to walk into government buildings.

It is clear from the fact that Lewis, journalists, other Democrats, and the ACLU don't protest other photo ID laws because they know that virtually all Americans over 18 have the ability to get a photo ID.  The only reason to protest photo ID laws for voters is to allow ineligible people an easier opportunity to vote.  No citizen is being suppressed. 

When you don't enforce immigration laws, you will get more illegal immigration.  When you don't hold people to account on sexual abuse like Bill Clinton, you will get more sexual abuse.  When you have a secret slush fund to pay off claims for congressmen and no disclosure, you will get more claims.  When you allow people like Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and Holder to lie to Congress with no repercussions, you will get more liars,  and when you have a secretary of state who repeatedly lies and violates securities laws – who enriches her family and foundation with her political position, who repeatedly lies and not only doesn't get penalized, but gets rewarded with a presidential nomination – you will get more political corruption. 

Similarly, if you repeatedly charge racism when there is none because you don't like a person or an agenda, you minimize the impact of actual racism. 

It is about time that journalists, instead of just parroting the racism charge, actually asked questions and did some analysis.  They are harming instead of helping the cause.

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