Donald John Trump as Marcus Licinius Crassus

It's ironic.  What unites the left and the #NeverTrumps in arrogance is wealth.  In his life as a New York City developer, Donald Trump has created more rich kids than possibly anybody in the history of the world, but these spurn him as too common for their fastidious tastes. One is reminded of Marcus Crassus, the richest man in Rome.  Scorned by the bien pensants and taste-makers of the day, Crassus ultimately saved the empire by defeating Spartacus and his army of liberated slaves.  Crassus never got any gratitude from the wealthy backbiters he thus saved, but he was what Rome needed at that moment in history. That's Donald Trump today.  He knows what it takes for business to thrive, and he has set about creating those conditions.  That's just what America needed after the economy-destroying Obama years.  It's also what the Founders put in place at the beginning.  America worked all these centuries because bureaucrats...(Read Full Post)