Democrats learning that 'fervor' doesn't equal donations

I found the following headline on the front page of the WSJ extremely humorous, because it is so easy to figure out what the Democrats' problem is.  The headline on the front page for December 28 is "Democrats Struggle to Convert Fervor into Donations."  From the article:  The national committee's lackluster fundraising is at odds with a wave of enthusiasm Democrats have experienced across the country.  A new WSJ/NBC poll found [that] 50% of respondents want Democrats to lead [C]ongress after next year's election compared with 39% who picked Republicans. The problem for Democrats is clearly that when you have fake news and fake polls, you get fake fervor, which leads to poor fundraising.  For a year and a half, the media along with almost all Democrats have been talking about the fake Russian collusion with Trump, while the true collusion is clearly the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Obama administration...(Read Full Post)