Theresa May loves Muslim migrants, paying Brexit ransoms, and transgendering James Bond

I have concluded that the only thing conservative about British prime minister Theresa May is her hemlines.  Her position on Muslim immigration and her capitulationist position on Brexit have given me doubt.  The last straw was her position on a female James Bond.

May, reacting to the news that Doctor Who has now essentially become "Nurse Who," thought it was great and added:

Speaking on a flight to Cyprus last week, where she gave a Christmas address to troops at RAF Akrotiri, the prime minister revealed she was a fan of the BBC science fiction show Doctor Who, and lauded the public broadcaster's decision to cast Jodie Whittaker in the iconic time [traveler]'s role.

"I think it's a great move forward for girl power that there is going to be a female Doctor Who. And one day there should be a female James Bond," she told reporters.

Being male is the basic attribute of James Bond, even more basic than being a spy.  May is supporting the cultural appropriation of perhaps the leading male character in British cinematic history and perverting it, all in the name of misguided feminism.  And this from the head of Britain's conservative party.  If the conservatives won't speak up for traditional culture, you know that Britain is doomed.

This is not May's first wobbly moment.  It's been well known that she is reluctant to comply with voters' demand that she disengage from the E.U.  May has agreed to pay an outrageous ransom of nearly 40 billion pounds to part from that organization.  Why is Britain paying anything at all?

Evidently, the E.U. undertakes long-term projects, and its members committed to funding projects as far out as 2030.  Therefore, even if Britain is not an E.U. member after 2019, it feels compelled to pay for E.U. capital projects as far out as eleven years after that.  How crazy is that?

Furthermore, Britain has 150 billion euros in E.U. assets it has to be compensated for.  So again, why is it paying the E.U. anything?  It shows weak leadership on the part of May.

And finally, when President Trump criticized Muslim immigration into Great Britain, May defended it.

President Trump reacted to British [p]rime [m]inister Theresa May's criticism of his retweets depicting alleged physical attacks carried out by Muslims, telling the British leader on Twitter late Wednesday to "focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom."

May's office criticized Trump for re-tweeting videos from Britain First, an organization it said seeks to "divided communities" through "hateful narratives" and lies.

More from NBC News:

The first video Trump shared claimed to show a Muslim migrant beating up a Dutch boy on crutches.  The second was captioned "Muslim destroys a statute of Virgin Mary," and the third read[,] "Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!"

"It is wrong for the president to have done this," Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement.

What is wrong is for Theresa May not to address the burning problem in Great Britain with Muslim immigration: the terrorism, the crime, the larger and larger no-go zones in places like Manchester and even some suburbs of London.  Instead, she criticizes Trump.

If I were a sexist like May, I might say that perhaps the prime minister of Great Britain should be a man.  But I know there are women out there capable of doing the job – just not this woman.  Maybe what Britain needs is someone more resolute, something like a 1960s version of Diana Rigg.

Questions for discussion:

1) If James Bond were played by a woman, do you think she would still use the name James Bond, or would she use something more appropriate like "Alyssa Bond" or "Britney Bond"?

2) Would a female James Bond be a playgirl, seducing men, or would she pursue exactly the same demographic as James Bond did?

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