Ultimate DC insider: They all knew about Conyers

Nobody better represents the Washington, D.C. political-media establishment than Cokie Roberts.  For those who don't know, the NPR correspondent and ABC News commentator is the daughter of two former Democrat members of the House of Representatives, her mother replacing her father after his death.  Her father was the majority leader of the Democrat Caucus during the long period where the Democrats ran everything in the House.  Had he not perished in a plane crash in 1972, he might well have become speaker.  And her husband, Steve Roberts, is another member of the D.C. media establishment. In a moment of casual honesty yesterday, Cokie Roberts admitted on This Week that everyone knew about the dangers of being groped by John Conyers, who "icon" Nancy Pelosi seems to believe should be allowed his perversions and even crimes, on the model of other progressive "icons" like Ted Kennedy. RADDATZ: But they probably will be...(Read Full Post)