Swamp fight: The entrenched left defends its turf at CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is on the war path.  Sunday night, the CFPB's deputy director, Leandra English, filed a lawsuit against President Trump for seeking to replace her with his own candidate.  In her mind, that position is hers, like some sort of owned property, and she isn't about to be dislodged.

It goes to show the tremendous problem President Trump will have in clearing the swamp.

The CFPB situation is a bit worse than other cases of Obama holdovers unwilling to leave their posts.  The Los Angeles Times reports:

The battle over control of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau escalated Sunday as the deputy director sued to stop President Trump from installing his own appointee as temporary head of the agency.Leandra English, who was promoted to deputy director Friday, filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, saying Trump’s appointment of Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the bureau was unlawful. She requested a temporary restraining order to block him from taking the position.

It's absolutely incredible that a full-blown lawsuit would be filed to retain the position of acting director, a mere transitory post that is sure to be replaced with a real director when the Senate confirms one.

Evidently, she's counting on Congress being unable to confirm a new director, confident Democrats will obstruct any Trump nominee, leaving her in the catbird seat.  Or else there are documents to destroy, and she and her cronies need more time.  It's absolutely odd that she would fight this hard for a transitory job.  She must think there's something big at stake.

It's also quite likely she won't win her case on legal merits, though she may be betting on a left-wing judge who will bend the law any way he wants.  The dispute between Trump, who has named Mick Mulvaney acting director, and English, who was named deputy director and thus acting director under her own interpretation of the law in the wake of Richard Cordray's exit from the director's job, has been judged in favor of Trump by none other than CFPB's own left-wing attorney.  

And still she persists.

As I noted here, the CFPB is a monster of an agency, notable in its structure of being of the Democrats, by the Democrats, and for the Democrats.

Ronald L. Rubin, a former CFPB attorney, wrote in National Review last September that the independent agency was structured by Democrats in 2009 to maintain total Democrat power over the agency no matter who is president.

This lawsuit absolutely demonstrates that entrenchment fighting to stay entrenched.

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