How the Rahm Gang mocks democracy (and wins in Chicago)

I would have made the headline "Stupid Rahm Tricks" except that the trick worked, and in the world of hardball politics (the only kind they practice in the City of Chicago), that's all that matters.  Still, for those of us who actually embrace the fundamentals of a democratic republic, this is appalling. The Chicago Sun-Times editorial board agrees and openly mocks the mockery of democracy inherent in the mayor's allies stuffing the ballot on the next municipal election (March 8, 2018) with stupid and meaningless ballot issues, leaving no room for meaningful ballot initiatives that might allow the citizens of Chicago to exercise direct democracy and do something that the Rahm Gang disapproves of. Questions on the ballot in Chicago on March 8, 2018: 1: Do you love puppies? 2: How about kittens? 3. Isn't Mom great? So, okay, maybe the three referendum questions really on the ballot aren't quite so soft as that, but they're...(Read Full Post)