White House decorations are beautiful...and the media howl

Melania has decorated the White House for Christmas, and it's gorgeous.  Melania doesn't look too bad, either.

The MSM appear more ridiculous every day.  And now Garrison Keilor and Matt Lauer have been fired.  But they've been on the right side of all the right causes, so shouldn't they get a free grope, following the Gloria Steinem rule for Bill the Lech?

Maybe it's because Melania wished everyone Merry Christmas.  I suppose that if she had said, "Happy Yule sabbat!  Praise be to all Newborn Gods, Sun Gods, Mother Goddesses, and Triple Goddesses," they would have been ecstatic.

Henry Percy is the nom de guerre of a writer in Arizona.  He may be reached at saler.50d[at]gmail.com.