We're not in Kansas anymore, Chelsea

News people inundated Chelsea Clinton with questions she couldn't answer about the $250K Harvey Weinstein contributed to Hillary's campaign, so Chelsea fled.  Poor child's not made of the sterner stuff of Mom and Pop. Bill and Hill don't get Chelsea, and Chelsea doesn't get Bill and Hill.  Bill and Hill were both bad seeds, born to do evil, to lie and cheat, and do whatever necessary to get their way.  Nobody had to show them, instruct them, lead them; they knew from the day they emerged from their respective mothers' wombs.  What's more, their siblings were all pretty much the same way. So Hill and Bill didn't get it when Chelsea showed up with no natural instinct for badness.  Chelsea's what the statisticians call a "regression to the mean."  In her case, it means she's more normal than either parent.  She has a conscience, she believes lies, and she's basically innocent, if not...(Read Full Post)