The Texas chain migration abortion

Abortion advocates were dancing with glee when a federal judge ruled that a pregnant teenage illegal alien in a Texas detention center could go get the abortion she wanted at taxpayer expense.  The federal government had been discouraging the facilitation of the act, and the shelter at which she was staying did not want to facilitate the killing by so much as driving her to the abortion mill. She didn't want the anchor baby.  And given her apparent militancy (though, to be fair, we are hearing from her only from the word of the activists), it looks as though she doesn't particularly want to stay here, being willing to throw out that "advantage."  More likely, knowing she was pregnant, she seems to have made the decision to come to the U.S. for a free abortion, if for nothing else, relying on the presence of left-wing lawyers who would ensure it. Abortion is not available, at least legally, in the Central American country of...(Read Full Post)