Two contrasting Democrat strategies for dealing with Fusion GPS dossier

I am having a ball watching Democrats squirm as the worm has turned on Russiagate.  I think the two video clips I embed below illustrate the extremes as far as decorum is concerned.  In the first, an establishment, respected, now retired statesman of the party looks really uncomfortable; offers a lame, half-hearted excuse of incompetence ("The left hand may not know what the right hand is doing"); and punts the problem to further investigation.

In the other, the strategy seems to have been to act like an incredible jerk, as if threatening to repeat annoying behavior is an adequate incentive to make us drop the subject.

First, the legacy-loving Leon Panetta, speaking with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:


Next, the unhinged Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) on Tucker Carlson:

Note that after this segment, Sherman refused to leave the studio and butted into the second segment with Byron York.  I am not kidding!

Watch it here.