Michael Moore panders to his bubble on Broadway

Michael Moore holds sway at the Belasco Theatre with his one-man show, "The Terms of My Surrender."  But at the performance we attended, there were plenty of prime seats, four or five on each side of the mezzanine, empty.  At the rear, entire rows went begging for backsides. Since there were very, very few Republicans or conservatives who would pay to put themselves under the hate-infested likes of Moore, he was evidently pandering to leftist passions and predilections. For the first hour, during which he took numerous drinks of some sort (he sounded slightly nasal and insisted he has a cold), Moore called the duly elected president "stupid," "an f'ing moron," "dumbest candidate ever, against the smartest candidate ever," and invited the audience to yell up any qualities about President Trump they can offer.  They yelled up liar, sexual predator (Moore: "He's the Harvey Weinstein of the...(Read Full Post)