When liberals mock the disabled

The virtue-signaling, moralizing, holier-than-thou political left is quick to jump all over any political opponent, particularly President Donald Trump.  Catching Trump in a politically incorrect act is a golden opportunity for the left, and they are quick to pile on, regardless of the facts.

During the presidential campaign, Trump was accused of mocking a disabled reporter.  CNN giddily reported the story.  CNN's Jake Tapper couldn't let go of IT, bringing it up over a year later on one of the unfunny late-night "comedy" shows, saying, "My viewers want to know it's not normal for a president to make fun of disabled people, right?  That's not normal, right?  Correct."

Normal, Jake, is in the eye of the beholder.  Is it normal to push a debunked story?  Silly me – this is CNN, still pushing the "Russia hacked the election" fantasy.  So no surprise that a CNN personality can't let go of the "Trump mocked a disabled reporter" story, either.

Not mentioned is how the story has been debunked multiple times.  Trump's mannerisms, rather than mocking a disabled reporter whom he did not even know, are the same mannerisms he has used to describe others, including Ted Cruz.  In other words, "this is how Donald Trump does an imitation of a flustered, cowardly person or a frightened person."  But why would CNN assume anything but the worst, true or not, especially if it involves Donald Trump?

Meryl Streep joined the chorus at the Golden Globe Awards last January, when, during her speech, "Streep ripped Trump for his obvious mockery of a journalist's physical disability."  Meryl was quite certain about Trump's intentions during a few seconds of his waving his hands around, yet she was clueless over Harvey Weinstein raping, groping, and harassing fellow actresses over a 30-year period?  Really?

As she said about Weinstein, "not everybody knew."  Yet somehow everybody does know the meaning and intention behind Trump's every word and gesture.  Magical thinking.

Fast-forward to this week, with another Trump gesture toward a disabled individual – a person Trump knows well enough to know about his disability and its implications.  This person is unable to do what most others, except perhaps Hillary Clinton, can do: navigate a few steps without assistance.

The disabled person in this situation was Senate leader Mitch McConnell, who had childhood polio, leaving him challenged to bound up stairs.  He needs railing for assistance.  A CNN reporter, from the media mouthpiece of the left, arbiter of social justice and virtue, made fun of Trump's effort to assist a disabled individual.

CNN political reporter Daniella Diaz tweeted out a snarky comment about the president and majority leader holding hands, having no idea that McConnell needed assistance climbing the steps after the joint Rose Garden press conference.

It was a simple and kind gesture, perfectly natural and normal to President Trump.  Who is mocking the disabled now?  Perhaps the CNN reporter did not know about McConnell's polio.  Yet her colleague, senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju, is well aware of McConnell's disability.

Oh, but ignorance can be excused in the name of the greater good: bashing President Trump.  Or if the person making fun of a disabled individual is a liberal.  That gets a pass, too.

Remember how candidate Obama made fun of Senator John McCain's Vietnam war injuries, leaving him unable to type on a keyboard or tie his shoes?  Obama's mocking a disabled individual, saying he "can't send an email," was overlooked by CNN and the rest of the media.  Remember when President Obama, on The Tonight Show, compared his bowling skills to that of the disabled, "like Special Olympics, or something"?  Trump-level outrage?  Hardly.

Then there was another leftist, Rosie O'Donnell, suggesting that Baron Trump has autism, another disability.  Once again, it's ignorance fueled by a political agenda, with a story covered briefly and buried by the media.  Will Jake Tapper bring it up a year later?  Fat chance.

This is just a footnote to far larger stories of liberal hypocrisy such as Harvey Weinstein's 30-year assault and battery on women who stayed quiet for decades, now declaring "me too" once Weinstein has been run out of town.  Still, it's fun to point out liberal hypocrisy.  Easy, too, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., MPS, is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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