Bend-over bipartisanship for DC Republicans

Republicans in D.C. regularly are lectured on how important it is to work with members of both parties to get important things done.  We hear this mostly when Republicans are in charge. Do you remember Obama working with Republicans on Obamacare and allowing everyone to see the bill before it was passed?  Do you remember Obama calling Republicans to work with them on the Iran deal?  Or did he do these things behind closed doors, in secret?  Was the Paris climate agreement done with Republican agreement, or was it done without Congress at all?  Did Obama ask for Republican input before his administration approved the sale of uranium to the Russians?  Did Republicans get any kickbacks? The following excerpts from a Catherine Rampell opinion piece in the Washington Post illustrate the conventional wisdom foisted onto the GOP. Republicans may have unified control of government but they seem curiously incapable of getting major...(Read Full Post)