I'm sick of the media puppets

I saw Nicole Wallace on The Today Show yesterday morning say it is Trump's fault that the news has been focused on the unverified phone call for five days. 

I have heard Trump demand that reporters cover the massive corruption involved with the Russian uranium deal.  So why do Nicole and other supposed reporters not follow Trump on that?

What I heard on CBS radio news yesterday morning was "The lead story is the phone call."

Reporters somehow act as if they have no choice on what to cover – and they all cover exactly the same thing in the same manner.  They are essentially worthless puppets. 

The Bush spokespeople say the speech wasn't about Trump, so why do they all cover it as though it was?  Don't they believe him?  When have the media ever respected what Bush said?

After watching the FBI, Justice Department, and IRS the last eight years, why would anyone trust them?

Reporters should be all over Mueller and Comey for being in charge of the FBI during the Russian uranium cover-up, but somehow they don't care.  They are out there every day seeking to destroy Trump, no matter what he does.  It makes me support Trump more and tells me the swamp is huge.

Thank God, Trump won.  Hillary and Bill would have continued their massive corruption to make them and their friends rich. 

I continually ask leftists to list Obama's domestic and foreign policy achievements, and I have yet to see a list. They would probably list the Iran deal, the pretend Paris agreement, and Obamacare.  I believe that those are all unmitigated disasters. 

When Hillary was running, we repeatedly heard from reporters that she was the most qualified person ever to run, and yet I never saw a list of foreign policy accomplishments of hers, either.  I guess she did get uranium to the Russians.

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