What passes for 'journalism' over at Hillary Clinton's Verrit.com

Verrit.com, Hillary Clinton's purportedly revolutionary new platform website for all her 65.8 million adoring followers, bills itself as news source with "an unwavering commitment to truth and facts."

Well, here's what passes for truth and facts, as first spotted by Republican operative Jack Posobiec on Twitter:

FAKE: Hillary Clinton was a "flawed" candidate.

FACT: Hillary Clinton is the first woman in history to become the presidential nominee of a major party. Would anyone characterize that as a "flaw?" Singling out Hillary Clinton as "flawed" when all humans are flawed has a decidedly sexist tinge. There is nothing particularly flawed about working a lifetime to become one of the most accomplished women in political history.

Furthermore, the incessant "flawed' narrative is wrong on its face. Hillary Clinton's approval rating after she left the State Department was a stunning 69% in a WSJ poll. She entered the 2016 race in a very strong position and was immediately met with a character assassination campaign unseen in U.S. politics. This Gallup chart illustrates the effect of the systematic demonization of Clinton:

That's hardly the only ridiculous instance of opinion masquerading as facts.

Get a load of these beauties:

FAKE: Hillary Clinton is "unlikable."

FACT: Anyone who knows Hillary Clinton personally knows she is a compassionate, smart, funny and eminently likable person. She is widely admired. She is respected by some of the most accomplished people on the planet. She won the popular vote.

A vicious assault on her character distorted perceptions of who she really is, causing people to despise her and to spew venom at her with no regard for the truth. Rejecting the injustice of a grotesque caricature of a dedicated public servant should be a mission for any American who cares about the future.


FAKE: Hillary Clinton didn't have a message.

FACT: Hillary Clinton had a compelling message about being "stronger together," as a nation, but her message was processed through the media's relentless vilification filter. An Atlantic article written during the Democratic convention explained her message best: "I don't need to be the center of your world. I'll do my job, intelligently and doggedly. And I'll help you be the heroes of your own lives."

Clinton proposed good, pragmatic policies; she put forth workable solutions to difficult problems. But thanks to the mainstream media and her detractors on right and left, all the public heard was "EMAIL."

There's plenty more like this, the sort of propaganda that would make Josef Stalin or Kim Il-sung proud.  So much for Verrit being an innovative new web concept for all the Hillary hipsters.  Get a load of this header and imagine what's in it:

'Hillary Democrats' Are the Heart and Conscience of America

According to Bustle, the purpose of this un-subtle propaganda is to give Hillary supporters "fuel" for social media debates, and the site itself is meant to be a "go-to" for the ultimate truth in information:

Verrit's purpose is to become their [supporters'] trusted source of political information and analysis; to provide them (and anyone like-minded) sanctuary in a chaotic media environment; to center their shared principles; and to do so with an unwavering commitment to truth and facts.

Verrit also describes itself as "media for the 65.8 million," referring to the number of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Verrit was created by Peter Daou, a former advisor to Hillary Clinton.

Verrit reportedly works by allowing users to create shareable "cards," or "verrits," with information (like facts or quotes) that can be verified as true. These cards also come with an authentication code so that one can confirm that the content of the card has not been altered. As News18 reported, Daou noted that the cards are intended to be easily shareable and used as readily accesible information in social media debates.

This amounts to pretty thin gruel on the truth front: Hillary is wonderful because Verrit (run by Hillary's operatives and endorsed by Hillary) said so, and call that a "fact."

They aren't even updating their site since its first postings.  This sounds like another sinking ship associated with the name Hillary.

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