What passes for 'journalism' over at Hillary Clinton's Verrit.com

Verrit.com, Hillary Clinton's purportedly revolutionary new platform website for all her 65.8 million adoring followers, bills itself as news source with "an unwavering commitment to truth and facts." Well, here's what passes for truth and facts, as first spotted by Republican operative Jack Posobiec on Twitter: FAKE: Hillary Clinton was a "flawed" candidate. FACT: Hillary Clinton is the first woman in history to become the presidential nominee of a major party. Would anyone characterize that as a "flaw?" Singling out Hillary Clinton as "flawed" when all humans are flawed has a decidedly sexist tinge. There is nothing particularly flawed about working a lifetime to become one of the most accomplished women in political history. Furthermore, the incessant "flawed' narrative is wrong on its face. Hillary Clinton's approval rating after she left the State Department was a stunning 69%...(Read Full Post)