Poisonous scammers slither out from Texas floods

Amidst the truly heartwarming tales of Americans banding together to help other Americans down in Texas inevitably, sadly, a few slimy swamp creatures have slithered out from the poisonous waters to promote their own selfish, often violent agendas.

One of the ugliest is Linda Sarsour, who helped organize the so called Women's March in January as a front to push her Muslim-oriented agenda of jihad (Muslim-sanctioned terror) to impose Muslim law on others.  So naturally, Hurricane Harvey, which is bringing out the best in so many people, brought out...well, her usual scamming abilities.  

Sending out a tweet last Monday for the seemingly helpful Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund led to a link for...oh, what not a surprise!, a political PAC espousing her lefty hate-filled goals. Enough clever people were on to her so she retorted with another tweet  falling back on that tired tactic of blaming the usual "white supremacists" for misunderstanding this good hearted innocent "woman of color." 

Texas Organizing Project is not my PAC, but who cares about facts when you are white supremacists obsessed w/ smearing women of color. 

And thus, once again, the bigoted Sarsour smears women, people of color, people without color...people.

So you want to get away from all that and contribute to the disaster relief via a telethon, the Hurricane Harvey Telethon.  How unifying is that?  Sadly, not very.

President Trump will not get an invite to appear in the Hurricane Harvey telethon, unless he's there with the former presidents – especially Barack Obama – in a gesture of unity ... so says telethon organizer Bun B.

The legendary Houston rapper tells TMZ, "Putting Trump on by himself would send the wrong message and people wouldn't buy the sincerity of it," adding, "After what he did in Charlottesville, he's not a symbol of unity and it would rub people the wrong way."

Bun B says he'd like Trump on the September 12 telethon which will be broadcast on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX from 8-9 PM – but only in 2 configurations. He thinks putting all the former POTUSes together – "all of whom have had their issues" – would show unity.

Even better, Bun B says, would be Trump and Obama alone, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. It would telegraph that 2 men embroiled in deep conflict could come together for a noble purpose.

But Bun made it clear, Trump's not delivering a message alone, saying, "We don't need a teleprompter President."

Uh, Bunny B, or whatever you preferred to be called, almost half the people in this country voted for Donald Trump (R), thinking they did needed him and still do.  And Barack Obama was too busy playing golf last year to visit Louisiana this time last year when another damaging and deadly hurricane struck.  

So no, I don't think all these folks will be inspired to contribute if he shows up at this telethon.  

Be careful out there.  The swamp creatures want your money.